Learn Your Sight Words and Draw at the Same Time

This is how I set up Directed Drawing at a Literacy Center

Model Drawing

Teach a few lessons whole group. Show your students how to follow the directions step by step. Demonstrate as your students draw along with you, at their desks.

Easy elementary art activity

I use a black marker for better visibility when modeling. My students use pencil. Later in the year I teach my students to trace over their pencil lines with black crayon for a bolder look.

Easy elementary art activity

Or you can model the chosen drawing first as your students just watch, and then send your students off on their own. This will work in some teaching environments right off the bat, but for most it will take a few lessons before your kids are able to simply go off on their own.

Later, you can expect to just give the assigment and your students will just know what to do.

Combine with Sight Word Sentences

Choose one Sight Word Sentence combination for all students to copy and fill in the blank.

Post the Directed Drawing alongside your model at the learning center.

Easy elementary art activity

Or, you can…

Chart a list of Sight Word Sentences for students to read and copy.

Combine Directed Drawing lessons with sight word sentences to give students practice writing sight words. Sight words obtain their meaning in the context of sentences; leading to faster sight word learning.

Sight Word Sentences are effective practice for letter formation as well.

Easy elementary art activity


Color every other sentence group to help students see what to copy. I rubbed the paper with the side of a crayon – it looks nice and it’s quick.

These Directed Drawing lessons give kids basic drawing skills that transfer to their own illustrations.

Easy elementary art activity

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